Shadows & Light was founded in late 2014 by Fraser McGruer (a self-shooting producer-director and photographer) and director/ DP Philip Bloom.

It started out life as a single event that took place over two days of presentations, practical workshops and social events in Brighton, UK, in March 2015.

The conference was a great success with around 100 filmmakers attending, coming from all over Europe and even as far away as California.

The first Shadows & Light event set the tone for the future: informal, fun and friendly and as much about learning from each other as our speakers.

In that first event we discovered that many filmmakers operate solo, or in small groups and that although we may know one another online, there was a great desire for people to meet in person.

Building on the foundations of events in 2015 and 2016, Shadows & Light is expanding and diversifying with increased online resources for filmmakers and a greater number of live events including screenings, one-day practical workshops, overseas events, an awards ceremony and a wedding videography-specific event.

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