Shadows and light – Brighton event agenda

Sunday May 14th

Welcome to our traditional pre-event getting-to-know you drinks at the Fortune of War on Brighton Beach

Monday May 15th

Day One Presentations at Dukes @Komedia

Session 1

Philip Bloom

Social Media for Filmmakers: How to Promote yourself; benefits and pitfalls of social media

Session 2

Dave Dugdale

Matching Cameras Workflow

Matching two cameras can be time consuming – if not impossible –if you don’t have a workflow to follow. Two years ago I switched from Canon to Sony, ever since then I’ve been trying to get my Sony cameras to match the Canon colors, in this session I will show you my workflow.

* My journey from Canon to Sony

* Different routes to getting the same result in Resolve

* Demonstrating what-effects-what (White Balance, contrast, Hue vs Saturation, sat vs sat, etc).

* Looking for ways to make changes that are isolated so you are not bouncing back in forth with different tools. How not to induce artifacts into the image.

* Set up both of your cameras, custom WB, and expose them the same way. Show how WB is the foundation of the grade, don’t just balance one part, balance the whites, greys and blacks. Spend some time getting it right. Also look out for errors in the chart.

* Match the contrast, exploring what Canon’s contrast does to smooth the skin; matching saturation; matching hue.

* Show matching the lumetri vs saturation and sat vs sat using light sources and how Canon is less saturated in the shadows and highlights than Sony.

* Finishing off: minor tweaks after the technical workflow and finishing touches.

* Can you create a LUT from this for other Non-Linear Editing systems like Final Cut and Premiere Pro? Yes, here’s how.

* Q&A

Session 3

Danny Lacey, Stada Video
Growing your filmmaking business

Strategy and Goal Setting
• Thinking strategically and the importance of setting and identifying goals
• What are your end goals as a filmmaker? Identifying, executing and tracking.
• What kinds of films do you want to make?
• What kind of company do you want to have? A lean and loose model with yourself at the centre of string of freelancers vs CEO of a production company with salaried staff. Pros and cons of each.

Organising Yourself
• Getting yourself in shape for your business.
• How to transition from feeling overwhelmed to utilizing your time effectively: knowing when you’ve reached the threshold of your capacity – how you make the leap and being ready for it.
• Knowing how to utilise your time. Why you need a virtual assistant and how it will transform your life
• Analysing your time and tasks; the importance of identifying:
– Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
– Income generating tasks (IGTs)
– Key Results Areas (KRAs)

Marketing and Sales Hacks: Finding Clients and keeping them
• Building relationships
• Linkedin
• Ad Words
• Facebook Ads
• Instagram
• Once you are established: Tender Websites for big value jobs.

Session 4

Alan Stockdale, Foundlight Productions
Case Study: No budget filmmaking & brand participation

The Project: This is a short film edited into a 6-part Instagram series, each part, 1 minute long. It will take on the style of a music video, all original music compositions specifically made for the piece. I wanted to collaborate with brands that I use in my everyday productions, brands that I have used for years and truly trust. It is important for me to bring Foundlight to the attention of these brands and feel positive about getting on board.

Challenges, mistakes, tips and other considerations
• Fitting this in to normal working life / finding the time
• Getting in touch with the right decision makers of the brands
• Convincing the brands to get on board
• Making everything work around set dates / deadlines


Session 5

Mike Buonaiuto, Shape History
Mobilising Audiences To Crowd-fund For Film.
• Case Studies on best practice (Credence, Anomaly)
• Finding purpose: finding the common values between yourself as a filmmaker and your audience – something you know they will buy into.
• Perks and how to use them
• Preparation
• List Building
• Media Relations
• Q&A

CVP End of Day One Party on Brighton Pier

Tuesday May 16th

Day Two Practical Workshops: all three practical workshops will run concurrently from 09.00 to 17.30. Attendees will attend all workshops, rotating through each workshop as the day progresses.

Workshop 1

Philip Bloom, Lens whacking

Workshop 2

Ollie Kenchington and Dave Dugdale
Storytelling with Colour
The first rule of filmmaking is show, don’t tell. Colour is one of the most effective, and yet subliminal, tools we have to do just that. In this workshop, colourist Ollie Kenchington and filmmaker Dave Dugdale will demonstrate how colour can (and should) be deeply integrated in to your films.
• Breaking down how award winning films use colour.
• Making colour choices in pre-production.
• Complimenting skin tones in interviews.
• Colour grading to enhance your narrative.

Workshop 3

Nino Leitner & Dan Chung.
Half Day Liveshoot and Challenge
This half day liveshoot is new for 2017; it is a three-and-a-half hour live shooting challenge with a review of your work in the same evening at our wrap party.
• This session is Bring Your Own Kit (BYOK), including a laptop for editing.
• The night before, at our Party on the Pier, you will be introduced to your fellow filmmakers in your crew. This is your chance to establish the skillset of your your crew; who should do what on the shoot? You’ll also get the chance to meet your mentor/ minder for the following day, who will be responsible for keeping the crew on track.
• In the morning, Nino Leitner and Dan Chung will give you a short brief on the film we want you to deliver, plus hints and tips to help you stay on track
• You go out into Brighton and shoot to the brief!
• You cut the film and deliver it to us
• We review completed films at the evening wrap party, with feedback from Nino Leitner and Dan Chung.


Shadows & Light Wrap Party, Including Review of Films from the Liveshoot Challenge


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